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Fist Rehearsal & Recording Studio

Special Thanks

Thanx to all the players that played in FIST and the crew since 1979.


  • Ken Hodgkinson, R.I.P. Very first Fist keyboard player in 1978.

  • Ed Eagan, played on the Round One Album 1979 and Hot Spikes album 1981.

  • Ivan Tessier, played on the Fleet Street / In the Red albums and he played accordion in the tour bus.

  • Les Pauless, and his brown paper bag.

  • Laurie Curry, The Slammah played on the Danger Zone, Reign of Terror, Loud Loud Loud, Bolted Door 2012

Bass Players

  • Jeff Nystrom, played on the Round One, Hot Spikes, Fleet Street and the In The Red Album.

  • Bob Moffatt, played on the Danger Zone album and Under The Radar.

  • Mike St.Louis, he was a Romeo with the girls.

  • Gord Kirchin, now 'Piledriver' was the funniest, he would do anything for a joke! He was a great singer and bass player Hey Gord! How do you do?

  • Mike Fenton, The Hofner man Appears on the Reign Of Terror album...

  • Darcy Allen, never talks much, just passing through...

  • Ray Jeanson, Joined up with Fist in 2012 Ray's a hard worker and blends right in perfectly.

Guitar Players

  • Ron Chenier Ronch (MAIN VOCALIST and Guitar player also the Song Writer and founder of FIST, plays on "Every" album ...


  • John Chenier, R.I.P. Round One and Hot Spikes Drummer RIP.

  • Bob Patterson, R.I.P. great drumming on the Fleet Street and Danger Zone albums RIP.

  • Cliff Davies, R.I.P. played on the In The Red album RIP.

  • Gary Thomas, played on the Loud Loud Loud album.

  • Andre Gauthier, played on the Reign of Terror album.

  • Steve Hollingsworth pro drummer great on the road always joking around.

  • Mike Wetmore another hot player super great concert endings there perfect..

  • Ed Adolph, One of the great rock drummers and played on the Fist Black album good job Ed.

  • Bill Bortollotti, used to bring dandy lion wine to rehearsals and we got toasted!

  • Jeff Salem, what a pro.... He started his pro drumming in Fist at the age of "18 years" young but we later found out he was actually 17 years old. Today he’s doing very well with his drum clinics and teaching.... He was also a great performer.

  • Cheryl Gialet, is the first female drummer in Fist and she was a solid drummer and a great person.

  • Kevin Radomsky Digger, pro drummer

  • Lorne Hawley, He had his eye on the meter at all times good chops.

Stage Man Tom and Lars Neiderhauser were with FIST in the beginning and then long time stage man my good friend Sean Cody aka"Howie Zam Zowie"was the man that always had everything ready to go and he would always say, "the show must go on"


Fist only ever had two soundman, the First one was my brother Jack (Normand) Chenier, from 1979 to 1982, he was a pioneer for sure and a great soundman, after Jack was John Anaka from Yorkton SK great soundman John was with Fist for about 18 years from 1985 to 2003.


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